About Us

Our Approach

We look at business as a whole. We know that IT does not stop with technology. People use that technology. Those people also need a process to follow or else managing and maintaining that technology can become cumbersome over time.
We take People, Process, and Technology and apply it to business practice to provide the right solution to our customers.

Our Story

Our story starts many years ago at a company called Flashcom Inc. One of the first and largest privately owned DSL providers that ‘dot bombed’ shortly after the turn of the century. We have had many successes together and on our own since then. Today, we bring those experiences together to create the best user eXperience and integration from pre-migration, to adoption to full automation. Our enthusiasm and ability to deliver quality solutions are the reasons why our customers keep coming back in this consistently changing market .

Meet Our Executive Team

DataRift started in 2002 with the idea of providing the right solution for the right job. We have been pioneering that idea since our beginnings. Delivering success to our customers in an ever and always growing marketplace.

Patrick Buckley

CEO – Microsoft Platform Architect

Patrick has 23 years of experience working as an implementation and migration expert, specializing in the Microsoft Platform of Products. Patrick has designed solutions and successfully completed migrations in over 100 environments. He has become an expert at elevating IT professionals through collaboration, open communications and training.

Verne Bauman

Director of Business Operations- Microsoft Platform Engineer

Verne has been a consultant for 10 of his 22 years, helped build several start-ups and became a Microsoft SME for Netpro, Quest Software, and Dell. Verne is an Identity and Workflow expert on the Microsoft Platform using One Identity, FIM, and MIM .

We are all the sum of our experiences. Our collective team has assessed, configured, supported and migrated hundreds of environments in the years that we have been enjoying this line of work. That experience is the edge that we deliver. Our customer satisfaction is all the proof we need!

Datarift LLC 2020 Cloud Solutions
Phoenix, Arizona